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top california truck accident lawyers

In California, truck accidents can lead to serious consequences, affecting victims physically, emotionally, and financially. When faced with the aftermath of such incidents, having the right legal support is crucial.

California truck accident lawyers specialize in navigating the complexities of these cases, offering expertise in dealing with insurance companies, proving liability, and securing rightful compensation for those impacted by negligence or misconduct.

This blog explores the essential role of truck accident lawyers in California, shedding light on their skills, the legal process, and how they advocate for victims’ rights in the wake of devastating collisions on the state’s roads.

Top California truck accident lawyers

1) Truck Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim

2) California Personal Injury Attorneys

3) The Injury Firm, APC Accident Attorneys

4) Accident Lawyer Of California P.C.

5) Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, LLP

6) Sepulveda Sanchez Accident Lawyers

7) RTM Law, APC

8) Setareh Law, APLC Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers

9) J&Y Law Injury And Accident Attorneys

10) Saeedian Law Group

1) Truck accident Lawyer Daniel Kim

california truck accident lawyer Daniel Kim

truck Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim
Phone: (714) 984-0020
Areas served: Serves California and nearby areas
Address: 2115 W Crescent Ave #236, Anaheim, CA 92801

Daniel Kim, the top car accident lawyer in California, leads The Law Offices of Daniel Kim. With over 2,500 five-star reviews, his firm has a stellar reputation. Clients praise their exceptional service and impressive results. Daniel Kim specializes in motor vehicle accidents caused by negligence.

His team handles cases involving car accidents, truck accidents, Uber and Lyft accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and wrongful death. They provide personalized legal advice tailored to each client’s injuries.

The firm’s success rate exceeds 99%, ensuring they fights for the justice clients deserve. Daniel Kim’s accolades include Martindale-Hubbell Platinum Client Champion Award, Avvo “Superb” 10/10, and recognition by The Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers Association and The Trucking Trial Lawyers Association.

If you’ve been involved in a California truck accident, Daniel Kim and his team will guide you through the process, allowing you to focus on healing while they handle the rest.

2) California Personal Injury Attorneys

California Personal Injury Attorneys

California Personal Injury Attorneys
Phone: (818) 873-4778
Areas served: Serves Encino and nearby areas
Address: 16255 Ventura Blvd #1008, Encino, CA 91436

California Personal Injury Attorneys play a crucial role in advocating for victims of accidents and negligence. These legal professionals specialize in personal injury cases, including car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall incidents, medical malpractice, workplace injuries, and wrongful death. Their expertise lies in navigating the complex legal landscape to secure compensation for their clients.

In California, where traffic congestion and commercial trucking are prevalent, truck accidents can have devastating consequences. A California truck accident lawyer focuses on representing victims injured in collisions involving large trucks. They investigate the accident, gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and, if necessary, litigate in court. Their goal is to ensure that victims receive fair compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering.

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident in California, seek the assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney who understands the intricacies of trucking laws and can fight for your rights.

3) The Injury Firm, APC Accident Attorneys

california truck accident lawyer The Injury Firm

The Injury Firm, APC Accident Attorneys
Phone: (949) 652-3001
Areas served: Serves California and nearby areas
Address: 22875 Savi Ranch Pkwy c, Yorba Linda, CA 92887

The Injury Firm, APC Accident Attorneys is a dedicated legal team committed to advocating for accident victims in Southern California. With offices in Northridge-Porter Ranch, Burbank, and Woodland Hills, they serve clients across California, Colorado, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. Their mission is to ensure that injured individuals have a voice and receive fair compensation for their losses.

The firm handles a wide range of personal injury cases, including motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall incidents, dog bites, and wrongful death. Whether a case requires a few weeks of medical treatment or extended hospitalization, The Injury Firm fights relentlessly for their clients’ rights. They have secured verdicts and settlements exceeding one million dollars for their clients.

If you’ve been involved in a California truck accident, trust The Injury Firm, APC Accident Attorneys to guide you through the legal process and fight for the justice you deserve.

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4) Accident Lawyer of California P.C.

Accident Lawyer Of California P.C

Accident Lawyer of California P.C.
Phone: (818) 718-2522
Areas served: Serves San Fernando Valley and nearby areas
Address: 8535 Reseda Blvd #100, Northridge, CA 91324

Accident Lawyer of California P.C.: This law firm is highly focused on vehicle accidents and all forms of personal injury. With a commitment to assisting crash victims, they help file claims and obtain financial compensation. Even if you lack health insurance coverage or struggle with copays, they manage everything, ensuring you receive the necessary medical treatment.

In the United States, motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of personal injuries, affecting nearly 2 million people annually. In California alone, over 200,000 individuals suffer injuries each year due to accidents.

Whether caused by negligent drivers, truck collisions, or other factors, this law firm fights for victims’ rights. If you’ve been injured in a preventable car accident, consider seeking their expertise to navigate insurance claims and secure the compensation you deserve.

5) Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, LLP

california truck accident lawyer Bisnar Law

Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, LLP
Phone: (949) 203-3814
Areas served:
Address: 1301 Dove St STE 120, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, LLP is a prominent law firm serving Orange County, California. Established in 1978, they specialize in representing injured plaintiffs. Whether you’ve been hurt in a car accident, bitten by a dog, or faced other accidents, their team provides compassionate legal assistance.

With a commitment to results, they ensure clients receive the compensation they deserve. Notably, two of their attorneys have received the prestigious “Attorney of the Year” award.

Their expertise spans various practice areas, including dog bites, auto recalls, car accidents, and defective products. If you’re seeking justice after an injury, consider reaching out for a free consultation. Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, LLP has secured over $200 million in settlements and judgments for their clients since their inception.

6) Sepulveda Sanchez Accident Lawyers

Sepulveda Sanchez Accident Lawyers
Phone: (209) 703-4210
Areas served: Serves Los Angeles and nearby areas
Address: 5250 Claremont Ave Suite 211, Stockton, CA 95207

Sepulveda Sanchez Accident Lawyers is a distinguished law firm located in Los Angeles, California. Their dedicated team of attorneys specializes in personal injury cases, with a strong focus on vehicle accidents. Led by Gabriel Sepulveda-Sanchez, a seasoned lawyer with significant legal experience, they have secured over a million dollars in judgments and settlements for their clients.

When you choose Sepulveda Sanchez Law, you’re not just another case; you become their priority. From the initial consultation to the completion of your personal injury claim, they are personally invested in your success. They leave no stone unturned during their thorough investigations, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. Their commitment extends to working on a contingency basis—meaning you pay nothing until they win your case.

If you’ve been involved in a big rig truck accident in California, consider reaching out to Sepulveda Sanchez Accident Lawyers for a free consultation. With offices in Los Angeles, Stockton, and New York, they’re ready to fight for your rights and help you navigate the legal process.

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7) RTM Law, APC

california truck accident lawyer RTM Law

Phone: (949) 287-4342
Areas served: Serves Santa Ana Heights and nearby areas
Address: 1327 N Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92706

RTM Law, APC is a distinguished law firm located in Southern California. Founded by Ramin T. Montakab, Esq., this firm specializes in business litigation and serious injury cases. With a commitment to providing exceptional legal services, RTM Law assists clients in navigating complex legal matters.

Ramin T. Montakab brings extensive experience to the table, having worked alongside national law firms and represented Fortune 500 companies and financial institutions. His educational background includes degrees from UC Berkeley and the University of San Diego School of Law. At Goldman Sachs Company-Ayco, he advised corporate executives on financial and legal issues, including tax planning, executive compensation, wealth transfer strategies, and estate planning.

RTM Law’s practice areas cover a wide range of legal needs, including personal injury cases. If you’ve been involved in a big rig truck accident in California, their team of skilled attorneys is ready to provide personalized assistance. Contact RTM Law for a free consultation and let them fight for your rights and fair compensation.

8) Setareh Law, APLC Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers

california truck accident lawyer Setareh Law

Setareh Law, APLC Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers
Phone: (559) 648-9649
Areas served:
Address: 4005 N Blackstone Ave #101a, Fresno, CA 93726

Setareh Law, APLC, headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, is a highly accomplished personal injury law firm. Their unwavering commitment is to accident victims across California, ensuring they receive full and just compensation. Whether injured in a car accident or any other personal injury incident, Setareh Law aggressively advocates for clients’ rights and interests. Their experienced attorneys handle each case on a contingency fee basis, alleviating the financial burden for victims.

Daniel Setareh, the founder and principal attorney, brings a wealth of legal expertise. Prior to establishing his own firm, he worked with top consumer firms in Los Angeles, gaining experience in class actions, mass torts, and personal injury cases.

Setareh Law’s professional team approach extends beyond the office—they make house calls and hospital visits for clients in need, providing exceptional service without additional fees. If you’ve been involved in a truck accident in California, consider reaching out to Setareh Law for a free consultation.

9) J&Y Law Injury and Accident Attorneys

J&Y Law Truck Accident Lawyer Los Angeles Ca

J&Y Law Injury and Accident Attorneys
Phone: (323) 202-2305
Areas served: Serves California and nearby areas
Address: 1880 Century Park E Suite 717, Los Angeles, CA 90067

J&Y Law Injury and Accident Attorneys, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is an established and trustworthy personal injury law firm. Their competent attorneys specialize exclusively in personal injury law, making them well-versed in all legal aspects of the discipline.

Whether you’ve been injured in a vehicular, construction, or swimming pool accident, or have suffered incidents of nursing home abuse, child abuse, sexual assault, or dog bites, J&Y Law fights vigorously for your rights.

Their commitment extends beyond financial compensation. They manage medical and rehabilitative costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering while preserving their clients’ dignity in the face of adversity. Founded by attorneys Jason B. Javaheri and Yosi Yahoudai, J&Y Law champions the rights of individuals who have sustained injuries in accidents.

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10) Saeedian Law Group

california truck accident lawyer Saeedian Law Group

Saeedian Law Group
Phone: (310) 597-4563
Areas served: Serves Holmby Hills and nearby area
Address: 9025 Wilshire Blvd Penthouse, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Saeedian Law Group, headquartered in Beverly Hills, is a prominent personal injury law firm serving clients across California. Led by founding attorney Michael Saeedian, the firm provides compassionate and skilled legal representation to those who have suffered serious injuries due to accidents.

Their practice areas include auto accidents, motorcycle collisions, and pedestrian accidents. Notably, they specialize in truck accident cases. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck-related incident in California, Saeedian Law Group is well-equipped to fight for your rights and help you recover compensation.

With a commitment to informed representation, they understand the physical, emotional, and financial challenges faced by accident victims. Their legal team prepares each case meticulously, ensuring the best possible outcome. Contact them today for a free consultation and trust in their expertise to navigate the complexities of personal injury claims.