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who is the best lawyer in the world

Lawyers are crucial to the proper functioning of society, they frequently serve as a shield of justice, saviors of the innocent, and crusaders against oppression. Their power does not lie in the confines of the courtroom only but extends into legislation, public policy, or even social consciousness, making it a vital part of keeping in touch with things otherwise we will lose our way …

Which attorneys have stood out amongst their peers gaining recognition in legal history? What would qualify them as such exceptional individuals before awarding them that status elevation? Because I want to know who these people are without necessarily looking elsewhere other than the content of this article itself. In that vein, let’s take a closer look at some very famous lawyers we know coming from different parts of the world.

Defining “Best” in the Legal World

who is the best lawyer in usa

The complete rate of achievement of a lawyer is ordinarily the most tangible indicator of his or her abilities. Some examples are how many cases they have won and what significance these victories had.

There is no doubt that high-profile cases, which set precedents or bring about major changes in law, can help with this determination. To win tough cases time and again demonstrates their acumen as lawyers: their strategic thinking, and ability to deliver under pressure.

Criteria for Excellence:

Success Rate: This measures how often a lawyer wins cases and achieves notable victories in court. A lawyer with a high success rate is skilled at presenting arguments and evidence to persuade judges and juries.

Influence: Influence is about how much a lawyer affects the change of legal systems, rules, and public life at large. Such a lawyer may also cause new laws to come into existence or alter old ones through his/her legal arguments, advocacy, and involvement in high-stake litigations.

Expertise: Expertise is about having specialized knowledge and experience in a particular area of law. A lawyer who is considered the best in their field has a deep understanding of the legal principles, precedents, and intricacies relevant to their area of practice.

Ethics and Integrity: Being ethical and having integrity are key characteristics that one must have to be a successful attorney. Being ethical and having integrity involves obeying a professional code of conduct, ensuring that personal information is kept private, steering clear of conflicting roles, and carrying out duties with fairness and honesty vis-a-vis clients.

Public Perception: Public perception reflects how the lawyer is viewed by their peers in the legal community and by the general public. A lawyer’s reputation is influenced by factors such as their courtroom demeanor, communication skills, professionalism, and track record of ethical conduct.

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who is the best lawyer in the world

who is the best lawyer

United States

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, known for her work on gender equality and civil liberties.
  • Alan Dershowitz: Prominent criminal defense lawyer and constitutional law expert.
  • Gloria Allred: Noted for her advocacy for women’s rights and civil rights.

United Kingdom

  • Cherie Blair: Human rights lawyer and founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.
  • Keir Starmer: Former Director of Public Prosecutions and current Labour Party leader.
  • David Pannick QC: Renowned barrister specializing in public law and human rights.


  • Fali S. Nariman: Senior advocate in the Supreme Court, known for his work in constitutional law.
  • Ram Jethmalani: Famous for his criminal law practice and high-profile cases.
  • Indira Jaising: Advocate for human rights, particularly women’s rights and child protection.


  • Beverley McLachlin: Former Chief Justice of Canada, known for her contributions to Canadian law and justice.
  • Marie Henein: Prominent criminal defense lawyer.
  • Irwin Cotler: Human rights lawyer and former Minister of Justice.


  • Julian Burnside: Known for his work in human rights and refugee advocacy.
  • Michael Kirby: Former Justice of the High Court of Australia, recognized for his contributions to law and human rights.
  • Amal Clooney: Though internationally based, she has had a significant influence on Australian human rights law through her international cases.

South Africa

  • Nelson Mandela: Anti-apartheid revolutionary and lawyer, later President of South Africa.
  • George Bizos: Human rights lawyer known for defending Nelson Mandela and other anti-apartheid activists.
  • Thuli Madonsela: Former Public Protector, known for her work in anti-corruption and social justice.


  • Ferdinand von Schirach: Criminal defense lawyer and author known for his legal thrillers.
  • Angela Merkel: Though primarily known as a politician, she holds a doctorate in physical chemistry and has had a significant impact on law and policy.


  • Shinichiro Koizumi: Known for his work in corporate law and international arbitration.
  • Ryoji Mori: Prominent lawyer specializing in intellectual property law.
  • Yoko Harada: Human rights lawyer focusing on gender equality and labor rights.


  • Ellen Gracie Northfleet: Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil.
  • Márcio Thomaz Bastos: Renowned criminal lawyer and former Minister of Justice.
  • Patrícia Vanzolini: Known for her work in criminal law and as a legal scholar.


  • Robert Badinter: Former Minister of Justice, known for his role in abolishing the death penalty in France.
  • Jacques Vergès: Controversial lawyer known for defending high-profile and controversial clients.
  • Marie-Aimée Peyron: Former bâtonnier (head) of the Paris Bar Association, specializing in business law.


  • Femi Falana: Prominent human rights lawyer and activist known for his work in defending political prisoners and advocating for the rule of law.
  • Asma’u Joda: Notable for her expertise in family law and as a champion for women’s rights in Nigeria.


    • Eugene Kandor: Known for his expertise in international law and as a former ambassador to the United Nations.
    • Estela de Carlotto: Renowned human rights lawyer and president of the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, an organization dedicated to finding children abducted during Argentina’s military dictatorship.


  • Antonio Cassese: Prominent legal scholar and judge, known for his contributions to international criminal law and as the first president of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.
  • Emma Bonino: Renowned politician and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy, known for her advocacy work in human rights and refugee rights.


  • Mo Shaoping: Prominent human rights lawyer known for his defense of political dissidents and activists in China.
  • Pu Zhiqiang: Renowned civil rights lawyer and outspoken advocate for free speech and judicial reform in China.


  • Shirin Ebadi: Nobel Peace Prize laureate and human rights lawyer, known for her advocacy work on behalf of women, children, and political prisoners in Iran.
  • Mohammad Ali Dadkhah: Prominent human rights lawyer and co-founder of the Defenders of Human Rights Center in Iran, known for his defense of political prisoners and religious minorities.


  • Joaquín Urias: Renowned constitutional lawyer and legal scholar, known for his expertise in Spanish and European constitutional law.
  • Cristina Almeida: Prominent human rights lawyer and former Member of Parliament, known for her advocacy work on behalf of victims of gender-based violence and political prisoners.


  • James Orengo: Prominent lawyer and politician, known for his role in constitutional reform and his defense of political dissidents in Kenya.
  • Martha Karua: Renowned human rights lawyer and former Minister of Justice, known for her advocacy work on behalf of women’s rights and electoral reform.


  • Anatoly Kucherena:
    • Known for his expertise in criminal defense and human rights advocacy.
    • Notable for representing high-profile clients, including whistleblowers and political dissidents.
    • Played a key role in the Edward Snowden asylum case.
  • Karina Moskalenko:
    • Prominent human rights lawyer specializing in cases involving freedom of speech, political persecution, and torture.
    • Founder of the Center for International Protection, dedicated to defending human rights in Russia and abroad.
    • Represented clients before the European Court of Human Rights and other international bodies.
  • Nikolay Polozov:
    • Renowned for his work as a defense lawyer in politically sensitive cases, particularly those involving opposition figures and activists.
    • Notable for his involvement in the defense of members of the punk rock group Pussy Riot and other high-profile political trials.
    • Co-founder of the Apologia Protesta legal aid organization, assisting individuals targeted for their political activities.


From our exploration of “Who is the best lawyer,” we have come to know that it’s no easy job to find out. The long list contains various kinds of first-rate attorneys from various nations who have made significant contributions not only to their domestic legal frameworks but also to their societies.

Legal greatness is not only confined to specific periods, times, or places but rising above all. It’s not about personal accomplishments or designations instead it refers to the cumulative effort of committed voices for the powerless, dedicated fighters for fairness, or flags defenders.”

As we reflect on the diverse array of legal talent showcased in this discussion let’s remember that the true measure of a lawyer’s greatness lies not in accolades or rankings but in their unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of fairness, equity, and justice for all. So while we may ponder the question of who holds the title of “best lawyer,” let’s celebrate the shared dedication of legal professionals worldwide to make our societies more just equitable, and compassionate.


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