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Cracking the Code: How Much Is Morgan and Morgan Worth?

In the realm of personal injury law in the United States, Morgan and Morgan stands out not just for its size but for its commitment to the motto “For the People.” This powerhouse law firm has made a name for itself by championing the rights of those injured by the negligence of others. But beyond its legal victories and client testimonials lies a question of substantial interest: How much is Morgan and Morgan worth?

How Much is Morgan and Morgan Worth?

Here’s a table summarizing the net worth of Morgan & Morgan, the law firm founded by John Morgan

FounderJohn Bryan Morgan
Net Worth (2024)$110 million
Annual Salary$86,618 (as an attorney)
Firm’s Net Worth (2024)Approximately $700 million
Firm’s SpecializationPersonal injury, class action, and personal injury law
PhilanthropyJohn Morgan and his family actively support causes such as the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida
Gross Annual Revenue$500 million to $600 million for Morgan & Morgan
Verdicts and SettlementsRecovered a total of $5 billion for clients

John Morgan’s wealth primarily comes from his successful law firm, real estate investments, and entrepreneurial ventures. His advocacy for the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida is well-known.

Please note that these figures are estimates and subject to change. For more detailed information, you can refer to the provided references.

John Morgan net worth

John Morgan Net Worth

Here’s a concise overview of John Morgan, the founder of the personal injury law firm Morgan & Morgan, along with his estimated net worth and relevant information:

Full NameJohn Bryan Morgan
BirthdateMarch 31, 1956
BirthplaceLexington, Kentucky, USA
EducationUniversity of Florida (BA, JD)
Career HighlightsCo-founder of Morgan & Morgan, one of America’s largest injury law firms
Advocate for Florida’s medical marijuana amendment
Net Worth (2023)Range from $500milion to $700 million
Diversified IncomeBesides the law firm, John Morgan has invested in real estate and other ventures

John Morgan’s legal prowess and entrepreneurial endeavors have contributed significantly to his impressive net worth. His firm, Morgan & Morgan, has made a substantial impact in the legal world, and his advocacy extends beyond the courtroom.

Understanding Morgan and Morgan

Founded by John Morgan, the firm has grown from humble beginnings into a legal behemoth with over 700 attorneys spread across numerous offices nationwide. Beyond personal injury, Morgan and Morgan has expanded its practice areas to include workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, and class action lawsuits, among others. This diversification and growth underscore the firm’s robust operational backbone.

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Factors Contributing to Morgan and Morgan’s Worth

Business Model: Morgan and Morgan operate on a contingency fee basis, a model where the firm only gets paid if they win a case. This approach not only makes legal services accessible to more people but also aligns the firm’s interests with those of its clients, potentially leading to higher settlements.

Volume of Cases: With thousands of cases handled annually, the sheer volume contributes significantly to the firm’s revenue streams. Each case represents a potential win and a percentage of the settlement going to the firm.

High-profile Cases and Settlements: Morgan and Morgan have been involved in several landmark cases, securing substantial settlements for their clients. These victories not only add directly to the firm’s financial worth but also enhance its reputation, attracting more high-value cases.

Marketing Strategy: Aggressive and widespread advertising has made Morgan and Morgan a household name, helping to attract a large number of clients. This brand recognition is a critical asset contributing to the firm’s overall value.

Estimating Morgan and Morgan’s Worth

Given that Morgan and Morgan is a privately held company, exact figures regarding its net worth are not publicly available. However, industry insiders and financial analysts estimate the firm’s worth to be in the high hundreds of millions, if not more.

This estimation considers the factors mentioned above, including the firm’s revenue, the value of ongoing cases, and its market presence compared to other leading law firms in the U.S.

Comparison with Other Law Firms

When compared to other top U.S. law firms, Morgan and Morgan’s unique business model and focus on personal injury law set it apart. While firms like Kirkland & Ellis or Latham & Watkins might compete in terms of revenue and global presence, Morgan and Morgan’s commitment to “For the People” positions it uniquely in its ability to serve a wide range of clients across the country.

Impact of Morgan and Morgan’s Worth

The financial health of Morgan and Morgan enables it to take on complex, expensive cases that smaller firms might not manage. This capability ensures that individuals facing powerful corporations or challenging legal battles have a formidable ally in their corner.

how much does Morgan and Morgan take from a settlement

  • The fees charged by Morgan & Morgan depend on the specifics of your case.
  • In general, their fees range from 33% to 40% of your settlement amount.
  • For example, if you receive a $100,000 settlement, your fee would be approximately $33,000 to $40,000.


While it’s challenging to pin down an exact figure for Morgan and Morgan’s worth, the firm’s significant impact on the legal industry and its clients is undeniable. With a business model centered around accessibility and success, Morgan and Morgan continues to solidify its position as a leading law firm in the U.S. As it grows and takes on more high-profile cases, its worth—both in financial terms and in its contributions to justice—can only be expected to increase.


Who is America’s largest injury law firm? Morgan and Morgan is considered America’s largest injury law firm by the number of attorneys and offices across the nation.

What is Morgan and Morgan’s annual revenue? While specific figures are not publicly disclosed, estimates suggest Morgan and Morgan’s annual revenue is in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

How did John Morgan make his money? John Morgan made his wealth through the success of Morgan and Morgan, leveraging the firm’s focus on personal injury law and a contingency fee model.