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Exploring Morgan and Morgan: A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Morgan and Morgan, one of the largest and most successful law firms in the United States. Founded in 1988 by John Morgan, the firm has since grown into a powerhouse with over 50 offices across the country.

We’ll explore the firm’s history, its areas of expertise, notable cases, and much more. So, whether you’re considering hiring Morgan & Morgan for your legal needs or are simply interested in learning more about this renowned firm, read on.

History of Morgan & Morgan law firm

Morgan & Morgan was founded in Orlando, Florida, in 1988 by John Morgan. Since its inception, the firm has focused on providing legal representation to individuals who have been harmed by others, particularly in cases of personal injury.

History of Morgan & Morgan

Over the years, the firm has expanded its areas of expertise to include medical malpractice, employment law, class actions, consumer protection, securities fraud, and more. Today, Morgan & Morgan has over 500 attorneys and 50 offices across the country, making it one of the largest and most successful law firms in America.

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Practice Areas

Morgan & Morgan has a diverse range of practice areas, each staffed with experienced and skilled attorneys. Some of the firm’s most notable practice areas include:

1) Personal Injury

Personal injury is the cornerstone of Morgan & Morgan’s practice. The firm has helped thousands of clients receive compensation for injuries sustained in accidents, including car crashes, slips and falls, and workplace accidents. Morgan & Morgan’s personal injury attorneys are skilled negotiators and litigators who fight tirelessly to ensure their clients receive the compensation they deserve.

2) Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are some of the most complex and challenging cases for attorneys. Morgan & Morgan’s medical malpractice attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to take on even the most challenging cases. They have helped clients recover damages for misdiagnosis, surgical errors, and other medical mistakes.

3) Employment Law

Morgan & Morgan’s employment law practice represents workers who have been mistreated or discriminated against in the workplace. The firm’s attorneys have experience with a range of employment law cases, including discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage and hour disputes.

4) Class Actions

Morgan & Morgan’s class action attorneys represent groups of individuals who have been harmed by a single entity. The firm has successfully represented clients in class action cases involving defective products, false advertising, and other consumer protection issues.

5) Consumer Protection

Morgan & Morgan’s consumer protection attorneys fight for the rights of individuals who have been taken advantage of by companies. They represent clients in cases involving predatory lending, debt collection harassment, and other consumer protection issues.

6) Securities Fraud

Morgan & Morgan’s securities fraud attorneys represent clients who have been harmed by fraudulent investment schemes. The firm has successfully represented clients in cases involving Ponzi schemes, insider trading, and other securities fraud issues.

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Morgan and Morgan lawyers

  1. John Morgan
  2. Matt Morgan
  3. Mike Morgan
  4. Tim Moran
  5. Sarah Morgan
  6. David Morgan
  7. Jessica Morgan
  8. Brian Morgan
  9. Jennifer Morgan
  10. Kevin Morgan

Morgan and Morgan locations

morgan & moragn location

Morgan and Morgan phone number

1) Morgan Morgan law Orlando Office

  • Personal Injury Attorneys in Orlando
  • Florida (FL) 20 North Orange Ave, Suite 1600 Orlando, FL 32801 Morgan
  • phone number: (407) 420-1414

2) Morgan and Morgan Tampa Office

  • Personal Injury Attorneys in Tampa
  • Florida (FL) 201 N. Franklin Street, 7th Floor – Tampa, FL 33602
  • Phone: (813) 223-5505

3) Morgan and Morgan Atlanta Office

  • Personal Injury Lawyers in Atlanta
  • Georgia (GA) 191 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 4200 – Atlanta, GA 30303
  • Phone: (404) 965-8811

4) Morgan and Morgan Jacksonville Office

  • Personal Injury Lawyer in Jacksonville
  • 501 Riverside Ave, Suite 1200 – Jacksonville, FL 32202
  • Phone:(904) 398-2722

5) Morgan and Morgan Memphis Office

  • Personal Injury Lawyers in Memphis, Tennessee (TN)
  • 80 Monroe Ave., Suite 900 – Memphis, TN 38103
  • Phone:(901) 333-1900

6) Morgan and Morgan Nashville Office

  • Personal Injury Lawyers in Nashville,
  • Tennessee (TN) 810 Broadway, Suite 105 – Nashville, TN 37203
  • Phone: (615) 490-0944

7) Morgan and Morgan Miami Office

  • Personal Injury Lawyer in Miami
  • Florida (FL) 703 Waterford Way, Suite 1000 – Miami, FL 33126
  • Phone: (305) 929-1900

8) Morgan and Morgan Pensacola Office

  • Personal Injury Lawyer in Pensacola
  • 220 West Garden Street, 9th Floor – Pensacola, FL 32502
  • Phone: (850) 316-9100

9) Morgan and Morgan Lexington Office

  • Personal Injury Lawyers in Lexington
  • Kentucky (KY) 333 West Vine Street, Suite 1200 – Lexington, KY 40507
  • Phone: (859) 219-4529

10) Morgan and Morgan Louisville Office

  • Personal Injury Lawyers in Louisville
  • Kentucky (KY) 209 East Main Street, Suite 400 – Louisville, KY 40202
  • Phone: (502) 912-5955

11) Morgan and Morgan Boston Office

  • Personal Injury Lawyers in Boston Massachusetts (MA)
  • 155 Federal Street, Suite 1502 Boston, MA 02110
  • Phone: (857) 214-2148

12) Morgan and Morgan Philadelphia Office

  • Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia,
  • PA 2005 Market Street, Suite 350 – Philadelphia, PA 19103
  • Phone: (215) 446-0003

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Morgan and Morgan review – 2023

Morgan & Morgan has a long list of satisfied clients who have praised the firm for its professionalism, dedication, and exceptional legal representation. StarStarStarStarStar

Mona Moccaldi (Lakeland): After being in a railroad accident on July 14, 2023, I reached out to Morgan & Morgan for help. Within minutes, they called me back. Their team has been handling my case, and everyone I’ve spoken to at their office has been amazing. They’ve answered all my questions and are doing everything they can to assist me. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of an attorney.

Cynthia Richardson (Orlando): I received clear explanations and felt genuine care from everyone I spoke to, which meant a lot to me. Ms. Paula addressed all my questions. Choosing to contact Morgan and Morgan was the right decision. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved.

Danielle Wright (Gainesville): Being able to communicate and send everything over text messages was great for me because I work a lot and don’t have time to be on the phone. E sighing was also great I didn’t have to take off work or anything to be able to get everything Morgan & Morgan needed.

Leroy Hill (Gainesville): She asked detailed questions and allowed me to explain the details of my case she was very pleasant to speak with!

Christina Fuentes (St. Petersburg): The process was simple and informative. The representative was very helpful and made me feel at ease. They offer 24/7 customer service and only take your case after a thorough screening to see if they believe you have a case that they believe they will be successful in winning for their clients.

Deelishishness Travels (Dee) (Orlando): She was so kind and understanding, very sympathetic to what I was going through, and even let me vent! She made me feel safe and comfortable with them. Knowing that I had support for my situation immediately was the best feeling ever


Notable Cases

Over the years, Morgan & Morgan has represented clients in many notable cases. Some of the firm’s most significant victories include:

1. Porter Ranch Gas Leak (2021 / Settlement Los Angeles, CA)

Results: $1,800,000,000 Settlement

Why Choose Morgan and Morgan?

When choosing legal representation, it’s essential to consider the qualities that set a law firm apart. Morgan and Morgan possess several key attributes that make them a preferred choice for many.

Firstly, their extensive experience and track record of success instill confidence in their ability to handle even the most complex cases. Secondly, their commitment to personalized attention ensures that each client receives the care and support they deserve.

Lastly, their dedication to social justice and making a positive impact in their communities demonstrates their values and sets them apart from other law firms.

Awards and Recognitions – Morgan and Morgan

morgan & moragn award

Morgan & Morgan’s dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed. The firm has received numerous awards and recognitions over the years. Some of the most prestigious accolades include:

  • “Best Law Firms” by U.S. News & World Report
  • “Super Lawyers” designation for several attorneys
  • “AV Preeminent” rating by Martindale-Hubbell
  • “Top Verdicts” recognition for achieving significant jury verdicts

These accolades speak to Morgan & Morgan’s reputation as one of the leading law firms in the country.

how much does Morgan and Morgan take from a settlement?

Morgan & Morgan typically work on a contingency fee basis, which means they only get paid if they win your case. Generally, their fee is around 33% of the settlement amount, but it can vary depending on the specifics of your case. It’s essential to discuss the fee structure with them upfront to understand the terms clearly before proceeding with legal representation.

how long does Morgan and Morgan take to settle a case?

Morgan and Morgan’s timeline for settling a case can vary depending on the specifics of each situation. Factors such as the complexity of the case, the extent of injuries or damages involved, and the willingness of the opposing party to negotiate can all impact the duration of the process. In general, Morgan and Morgan strive to resolve cases efficiently while prioritizing the best interests of their clients. However, it’s essential to discuss timelines and expectations directly with them to get a more accurate estimate for your particular case.

How to Hire Morgan & Morgan

If you need legal representation and want to hire Morgan & Morgan, the process is straightforward. Simply visit their official website or call their toll-free number to schedule a free consultation. During the consultation, you can discuss your case with one of their attorneys and determine the best course of action. Morgan & Morgan operates on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay if they successfully recover compensation for you.


In conclusion, Morgan and Morgan have established themselves as a trusted and reputable law firm with a strong commitment to their clients and communities. Through their extensive experience, broad areas of practice, notable successes, and dedication to social justice, they have earned their place as a leading legal powerhouse. When you choose Morgan and Morgan, you can rest assured that your rights and interests will be fiercely protected.


1. Is Morgan and Morgan the biggest law firm? Yes, Morgan and Morgan is considered one of the largest law firms in the U.S., especially in terms of the number of attorneys and the scope of their personal injury practice.

2. Who is Morgan and Morgan named after? The firm is named after its founders, John Morgan and his brother, who started the firm to focus on personal injury law.

3. What happened to John Morgan’s brother? John Morgan’s brother, Tim Morgan, suffered a severe spinal cord injury, which significantly influenced their decision to focus on personal injury law.

4. How rich is Morgan & Morgan? While specific figures are not publicly disclosed, Morgan & Morgan is considered highly successful financially, thanks to its large volume of cases and settlements.

5. What is the 2nd largest law firm in the USA? The second-largest law firm in the U.S. can vary based on criteria such as revenue, number of lawyers, or global presence. Firms like Latham & Watkins or Baker McKenzie often top the lists based on different metrics.

6. What is the #1 law firm in America? The ranking of the #1 law firm in America can vary based on different criteria, including revenue, prestige, or practice areas. Firms like Kirkland & Ellis or Latham & Watkins frequently top various rankings.