who is the best lawyer in Arkansas

1) The Law Group of Northwest Arkansas PLLC

The Law Group of Northwest Arkansas PLLC
Phone: (479) 343-2965
Appointment: lawgroupnwa.com
Areas served: Serves Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, AR-MO
Address: 1830 Shelby Ln, Fayetteville, AR 72704

The Law Group of Northwest Arkansas PLLC is a distinguished law firm based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Their approach to practicing law is rooted in genuine care for clients and their businesses.

They treat legal challenges as if they were their own, providing real-time assistance and comprehensive advice. With attorneys licensed in multiple states, including Arkansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia, they handle a wide range of legal matters. From litigation to corporate counsel services, they’ve earned a reputation for excellence. Whether you’re an individual, family, or business, TLGNWA is committed to doing the law right.


  • Criminal defense litigation
  • Entertainment law
  • Government litigation
  • Power of attorney
  • Probate litigation
  • Small business litigation
  • Trust & estates litigation
  • Will writing
  • Administrative Law

2) Mostyn Prettyman, PLLC – Northwest Arkansas Lawyers

Mostyn Prettyman, PLLC – Northwest Arkansas Lawyers
Phone: (479) 464-4529
Appointment: arklawyers.com
Areas served: Serves Northwest Township and nearby areas
Address: 2601 N Walton Blvd Suite MP, Bentonville, AR 72712

Mostyn Prettyman, PLLC is a reputable law firm located in Bentonville, Arkansas. Their dedicated team handles a wide spectrum of legal services, including business litigationcriminal defensedivorce and custody matterspersonal injury cases (such as auto accidents and slip-and-fall incidents), immigrationestate planning, and general litigation. With a commitment to protecting their clients’ legal rights, Mostyn Prettyman delivers personalized service tailored to each client’s unique needs. Whether you’re facing a family issue, or a business dispute, or need legal guidance, their experienced attorneys are there to assist.


  • Asset Protection
  • Business Compliance
  • Business Formation
  • Business Law
  • Child Custody
  • Child Custody Arrangements
  • Child Support
  • Civil Law
  • Compensatory Damages

3) ARlaw Partners

ARlaw Partners
Phone: (501) 710-6500
Appointment: arlawpartners.com
Areas served: Serves Little Rock and nearby areas
Address: 415 N McKinley St Suite 830, Little Rock, AR 72205

ARlaw Partners is a reputable law firm located at 415 North McKinley Street in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their experienced team of lawyers provides top-notch legal services to clients across the state. Specializing in various areas of law, including family lawbankruptcyestate planning, and Department of Human Services (DHS) matters, ARlaw Partners is committed to helping individuals and families navigate complex legal issues with expertise and professionalism. Whether you need assistance with divorce, child custody, or adoption, their skilled attorneys are there to guide you.


  • Bankruptcy representation
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Corporate bankruptcy
  • Creditor harassment
  • Debt settlement
  • Foreclosure services
  • Personal bankruptcy

4) Natural State Law, PLLC

Natural State Law, PLLC
Phone: (501) 916-2878
Appointment: natstatelaw.com
Areas served:
Address: 8201 Ranch Blvd Suite B-1, Little Rock, AR 72223

Natural State Law, PLLC is a respected law firm based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their dedicated attorneys serve both urban and rural communities throughout the state. With backgrounds in state government, business, and the military, the firm’s co-founders, William “Goose” Changose and Jarred Kibbey, bring real-world experience to their legal practice. They offer a wide range of services, including estate planningbusiness lawprobatereal estate lawadministrative law, and collaborative law.


  • Administrative Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Bankruptcy Legal
  • Business Contracts
  • Business Law
  • Construction Law
  • Contractor Disputes
  • Easement Disputes
  • Employment Law

5) Bennett & Williams, PLLC

Bennett & Williams, PLLC
Phone: (501) 336-8788
Appointment: bennwill.com
Areas served: Serves Salem and nearby areas
Address: 701 Chestnut St, Conway, AR 72032

Bennett & Williams, PLLC is a distinguished law firm based in Conway, Arkansas. With over 40 years of combined experience, their criminal defense attorneys specialize in feloniesdrug crimes, and drunk driving defense. Notably, they are Board Certified in DUI Defense by the NCDD—the only such certification in Arkansas. These “Lawyer Scientists” are well-prepared to challenge alleged drug crimes, backed by their expertise recognized by the American Chemical Society. If you’re facing criminal charges, Bennett & Williams is committed to defending your rights.


  • Three-strikes law litigation
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Assault And Battery
  • Blood Alcohol Testing
  • Breath Testing
  • Commercial Driver’s
  • Computer Hacking